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chrismata1976 wrote in vuhlkansu
How would you say I am here! "I have always loved you. Since ages past. You are always half of my heart and soul" Please translate to vulcan!

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(I have arrived/I am here)
Ki'lasha nash-veh./Nash-veh la.

(Have loved you always, since time past.)
Ki'ashal tu kwon-sum - opi'wak vesht.

(Half my heart and soul, always.)
K'hat'n'dlawa - kwon-sum.

You may also want the word "shan'hal'lak", which appears to mean 'love at first sight'. And yes, the words for 'love' and 'arrive' are insanely similar, love is 'ashau' and arrive is 'lasha'.

Translations done with the VLD and the Vulcan Language Institute's grammar references.

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