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Wa’na’shau n’odu..
brihtuhn wrote in vuhlkansu
Sanu — i’sarlah’voh..

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Your site looks very cool - lovely layout, and the spirit of it is captivating. Well done!

Wa’itaren.. Thanks so much!


Na’shau n’odu eh isha wa’itaren na’ran-tuhskaya. Rok-tor nash-veh ta dungi tal-tor odu set’ki-vel na’odu svi’shi. Sanu — k’ashiv sarlah’voh na’lof vuhrgwau venk t’odu svi’kanok-veh.

Welcome and thank thanks so much too for your nice comments. I hope that you'll find things of interest to you on the site. Please, come often to share your ideas with everyone.

Dif-tor heh smusma. Live long & Prosper.


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