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Diane Kepler

Fanfic: Zahvan T'Masu [A Taste of Water]

Title: Zahvan T'Masu

Authors: [info]diane_kepler , [info]proudcockatrice 

Length: ~30 000 wds 

Ratings: Terran: NC-17 / Vulcan: pidik riolozhikaik / Romulan: eaha

Fandom: Star Trek TOS
 Spock/OMC, OFC

Summary: A smooth-talking Romulan starship pirate seduces a young Starfleet officer. 

Warnings: angst, epic teasing, miscegenation, alien peen, tragedy, romance, naked lust, highfalutin' language, Vulcan pick-up lines, Vulcan sex-talk, political machinations, and way too many references to Dangerous Liaisons.

Disclaimer:  Paramount owns Spock and his dad Sarek. Starek, T'Nis and everything else is all us, baby.  

Acknowledgements: Vielen, vielen dank to everybody over at the Vulcan Language Dictionary and the Vulcan Language Institute over at the Star Trek Online Geekipedia

Mouse over the Vulcan text to see the translations. Jump to chapters V through IX for the heavy sex. The rest is just boring old plot. Read it a Google doc or as Blogspot posts.

Tags: fanfiction

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