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VLI: Lesson 1: Pronunciation (Salasharaya)

Okay, I'll be starting weekly lesson posts in this community now, as discussed in this poll. You can find all of the lessons here: Vulcan Language Institute, all credit goes to the original creators, etc.
The schedule will be something like one post every Wed/Thur of each week. Some of the lessons might be combined, particularly the earlier lessons - I'll have a complete schedule in the next few days, and will then post it on the userinfo and in the sticky-post, along with links to each post as we go. Now, on to the lesson.

You might want to read over the introduction pages: the Welcome Page, an introduction to Vulcan Linguistics, and a Grammar Introduction, which is a good summary of what we'll be learning through the VLI.
Our first lesson proper is on Pronunciation. The IPA is a little confusing if you've never encountered it before, although the VLI chart is good about matching sounds in english pronunciation. If you want further help reading IPA, the wikipedia IPA chart might be helpful.

You can use the comments to talk about other helpful links, tricks, anything about the lesson that's bothering you... and we're all here to learn, so there are no stupid questions.
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