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Ashaya/Ashayam question
star trek (amanda/sarek)
I've been trying to track down the source of the words "ashaya" (love) and "ashayam" (beloved).

I've searched the transcripts at with no luck. They appear to be fanon, originating in Enterprise fanfic from 2008, though I did find a Spock/McCoy story called Yon t'Ashaya from 2004, there's no translation note on that story as to the title. And it appears that it may have originated with a 1977 Fan-made Vulcan Language Guide which translates "love" as "aisha".

However like the VLD, that document does not differentiate between canon and fanon sources.

Basically what I'm looking for is some determination whether the words come from canon (spoken in an episode or film) or extended canon (from a licenced tie-in) or fanon (fan-canon, i.e. from a fannish source, and if so, who first used the words and where).

Also, does anyone have a good source for canon Vulcan language? I.e. only the words that have been used in on-screen canon?

VLI: Lesson 2: Introduction to Words [Ragtaya na'zhitlar]
Vuhlkansu Mod/Feihan
I'll be re-starting weekly lesson posts, every Wednesday.

This week is lesson 2: Introduction to words: Simple words [Ragtaya na'zhitlar: Veli-zhitlar].
I do have flashcards available for this lesson (select Vulcan if you want to see Vulcan words, English if you want to see English words).

You can use the comments to talk about other helpful links, tricks, anything about the lesson that's bothering you... and we're all here to learn, so there are no stupid questions.

Previous lessons:

Newb with a question: literacy resources?
ellie n eva
Hi. I'm a relative newb to the Vulcan language, and finding the available resources somewhat frustrating; this is because I'm much more interested in written Vulcan than in spoken Vulcan.

Can anyone suggest any resources for written Vulcan? That's to say, writing Vulcan in Vulcan script rather than in transliteration.

Thank you!

Fic: Abmarkan'es [Buoyancy]

Here is another story with Vulcan dialogue, set in the same Universe as Zhavan T'Masu [A Taste of Water]. Although one or two chapters rate NC-17 the others are happily PG. Mouse over the non-English text to see the translations.

Differences between TGV and MGV pronunciation
war worlds
The weekly lesson reminded me to look for this clip in Wrath of Khan - it's when Saavik and Spock are talking about Kirk in Vulcan.

Here is a link to the clip audio -
Just click the "play" button under download to stream.

Saavik: Gishen worla ikh-banut.
Spock: Wakli ak'wikman - ot-lan.
Saavik: Ish-veh ni komihn.
Spock: Kling akhlami buhfik - Saavik-kam.

Saavik: He's never what I expect.
Spock: What surprises you, lieutenant?
Saavik: He's so human.
Spock: Nobody's perfect, Saavik.

According to the dictionaries, Spock is speaking in Traditional Golic Vulcan while Saavik uses a modern form of the language. I think it's interesting to see the diferences between the pronunciation of the dialects. Saavik's speech is clear and you can easily tell what she's saying, but Spock's is much more complicated. It sounds like he pronounces most "K" sounds as "kh" and even the vowels seem to sound different somehow.

VLI: Lesson 1: Pronunciation (Salasharaya)
Vuhlkansu Mod/Feihan
Okay, I'll be starting weekly lesson posts in this community now, as discussed in this poll. You can find all of the lessons here: Vulcan Language Institute, all credit goes to the original creators, etc.
The schedule will be something like one post every Wed/Thur of each week. Some of the lessons might be combined, particularly the earlier lessons - I'll have a complete schedule in the next few days, and will then post it on the userinfo and in the sticky-post, along with links to each post as we go. Now, on to the lesson.

You might want to read over the introduction pages: the Welcome Page, an introduction to Vulcan Linguistics, and a Grammar Introduction, which is a good summary of what we'll be learning through the VLI.
Our first lesson proper is on Pronunciation. The IPA is a little confusing if you've never encountered it before, although the VLI chart is good about matching sounds in english pronunciation. If you want further help reading IPA, the wikipedia IPA chart might be helpful.

You can use the comments to talk about other helpful links, tricks, anything about the lesson that's bothering you... and we're all here to learn, so there are no stupid questions.

Fun with Language
Oh so very geeky story with dialogue in Russian, Japanese, and of course Vulcan. 

Come see.

I post a lot.
war worlds
Just wanted to share this site I found - I'm sorry if this isn't new at all -
It has a couple of lessons on Vulcan and Klingon, specifically located here.
This (PDF file) is Golic Vulcan as taught by the Vulcan Language Institute. It's the introduction page, it has some text not available on stogeek I think.
This (PDF file) is completely different from VLI Vulcan, however. It should be interesting, but I've yet to read it. Also, a picture of Vulcan script, which is available on MA too I think.

wuh'ashiv deshker
war worlds
I have another question. In order to say "He can't cook", should the negative be like >Kup ri fas-tor ish-veh< or >Kup fas-tor ri ish-veh<? Or something completely different?

Thank you.

Pronunciation Problems?
route 66
Hi all!

I found this awesome chart of IPA sounds that might be helpful if you're trying to learn Vulcan pronunciation. I hope it proves useful!


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